The genesis

Who ever thought that a accidental meeting of some guys who were merely vague party acquaintances would ever grow out to be a well known name in the early hardcore scene would have been foolish.

It was somewhere in august 2016 that a few guys, who only knew each other by association and parties sprung up conversation in a student bar on the wibaustraat in Amsterdam.

By itself the topic of the conversation was understandable for bar talk; 'I have a set of turntables', 'I would actually like to perform for an audience', 'Oh perhaps we should then organise something by ourselves'. But in the weeks that followed the seed was laid and in the same student bar they managed to set a date for Kultbaze.

While talking and planning they were joined by a former high schoolmate from one of the guys and a guy spinning tek records.

Not blessed by any organise and/or deejay experience the gentlemen started preparing the first event. This ment learning to beatmatch vinyl, making the first timetable, 'promoting' on partyflock using private messages and faking a clothing logo. But eventually the party was held and about 70 visitors enjoyed a night starting with oldschool, crossing over to hardstyle and hardcore to finish with 4 early tracks, and a bit of a success. In 2017 a bunch of evenings followed in small bars on mondays, thursdays and fridays and a last minute. All events were no/low budget but with a vision that would never be lost.

To organise accessible parties offering value for money in the Amsterdam region, with the members of the organisation never being in it for the money. As of 2021 this is still the case and the organisation will always have been and be a non-profit organisation.

In 2018 things slowly changed a bit, a former visiter joined the ranks, the first edition of Ouwe stijl is botergeil in club LA and the second in the Akhnaton were instrumental. But also having experienced a failed industrial party ment that it was time to say goodbye to the student typed name and continue with the official name Strength of Unity

Thanks to connections in de LAX, plus already having the experience of two earlier events there the organisation decided to move Ouwe stijl is botergeil to this ravebunker (and studentbar) at the end of 2009. With this match made in heaven the quintessential success called ouwe stijl was born. From 2009 onwards until 2012 the organisation held 9 editions with the one and only botergeile early hardcore. 7 of those editions where completely sold out.

2013 ment a move to the late Pand 14 due to closure of de LAX (a returning theme in the existence of the organisation was the closure of many locations), where OSIB - as many now abbreviated it - became a 2-area event for the first time..

It also ment a new area where the crew of Strength of Unity became much more creative in crafting a daring and unique lineup, supplemented with vested names in the early hardcore scene.

During the LAX era the party already had its share of performances of true grandmasters from the 90s, from 2013 onwards the party started to develop into an event where 'new' early producers but also forgotten producers from countries far away flocked to display their early vision. Ouwe stijl is botergeil wasn't just following trends, it set the trend!

After a few editions in the undercurrent in 2014 the organisation found a new home base in 2015 in the Dhoem Dhaam warehouse. Here the next step into professionality was made in this complete ravebunker with a capacity of 800 ravers.

Ten years and counting

2016 only had one theme during the whole year, the 10 year anniversary. What once started in a small student bar for a few dozens of people would turn out to be a 1000 man strong gabber rave 10 years later. With a staggering line-up budget and preparation the Radion was the stage of the 10 year anniversary of the organisation on saturday october 15 of 2016.

After the 10 years anniversary many highlights followed. After three more insane editions in 2017 the organisation moved on to sold out events in the Q-Factory, Paradiso noord and another visit to the Radion in 2020.

Whatever the future behold for the organisation, no one knows. However it is clear what the organiation is and always will represent