Bustrip to Play! Cartoons in progress

We are overjoyed with our stage hosting on Play! Festival, Cartoons in Progress: 10 years of old school madness!. that means that in addition to the mainstage there will be another genuine early hardcore stage at Play!

To make it a little easier for the loyal Ouwe stijl fan to travel to the far North we have arranged party busses in collaboration with boostbussen.nl which will take you from Amsterdam to Play! and back.

After all it will be the very first party in Ouwe Stijl in more than 2 years and also the first time that you can visit us at an open air festival which is why we do everything we can to make sure you don't miss this unique day! Boarding is at RAI and Sloterdijk station, further information will soon be available on our channels. Combi tickets and individual bus tickets are available (if you already have an entrance ticket) via following links: Combi ticket - Bus only

Did you know that Strength of Unity:

Is a non-profit organisation

Is run by a group of enthusiasts

Is active since 2006

Organised over 70 events during these years

And visited over 20 locations

Home of Ouwe Stijl is Botergeil